Michael Rubini - UX/UI Designer
Michael Rubini – UI/UX Designer




Instapage is a landing page platform that provides users with the most robust builder in the market, with its easy-to-use interface and vast integrations and tools, it allows for the most inexperienced user to create and launch and optimized landing page in no time.

I worked directly with the CEO, SEO Manager, marketing and design teams creating several marketing materials like ebooks, banners ads for Facebook and Adwords, emails, landing pages, and websites. By working closely with stakeholders I got to know their mission and business goals, which helped me come up with solutions that were aligned with those goals.


My Responsibilities

• UX/UI design

• Marketing design

• Illustration


Web Design

Homepage design proposal.

Marketing Dictionary



Definition page

Definition page


Marketing Material

During my time working with Instapage, I helped create several marketing materials like ebooks, emails and Facebook Ads.

They relied heavily on illustrations to help communicate their message, so I had to learn and understand the style, goal and tone used to make sure they were on brand and relevant with the content.

Inside pages


Email Design

Web Banners

Banner Design

Key Takeaways

This was an interesting working relationship where I got to learn a lot about the business side of a startup, using feedback and data to iterate and ship fast.

Working with remote teams between the US and Europe proved to be a challenge where good, constant communication was needed to make sure designs were on brand and deadlines were met.