Michael Rubini - UX/UI Designer
Michael Rubini – UI/UX Designer




Hi I'm Michael, a UX/UI designer with a background in advertising and marketing.

As a freelancer, I have helped small/medium businesses and entrepreneurs in fields such as education, eCommerce, insurance, finance, and marketing. Working alongside stakeholders and teams to resolve problems and come up with viable solutions that work across devices and are aimed to optimize user experience and achieve business goals.

Some of the clients I have worked with include Instapage, High Start Group, Nike, Reitmans Canada, Bluejacketeer and several startups in the US and Canada.


"Michael is a responsive and communicative designer that has produced excellent work for me. He quickly "gets it" and adjusts as needed under tight deadlines, for very discerning clients. He understands large enterprise and small business needs and this is reflected in his designs. They are always professional grade and well-informed by current design thinking..."

Ian Hughes - VP of Marketing at High Start Group

In my spare time, I usually read and listen to podcasts about tech, design and interesting people from all walks of life. I also like creating vector illustrations and play around with animations and interactions.

An area I'd like to explore more in product design is fintech. A lot of interesting products in banking and investing have popped up in recent years that have design embedded in their culture. Some great examples are Simple Bank and Wealthfront in the US, and N26, Transferwise, Monese and Monzo in Europe, to name a few. 


"I worked with Michael on dozens of high-volume graphic design projects for Instapage. His skill level and experience in designs and illustrations allowed us to move forward quickly from initial conception to finished projects. He has a true passion for what he does which makes it very exciting to work with him..."

Chris Granwehr - SEO Manager at Instapage

If you have a cool product in need of a visual overhaul, want to add some flair to your current design or simply want to talk about the possibility of working together, drop me a line and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.